Timbers on Etowah Update

When Liberty Hill United Methodist Church made the decision to permanently locate within The Mill in Canton in 2020, we did so by launching an innovative ministry model that was intended to pay our rent with the proceeds from our event venue branded as Timbers on Etowah. Our tithes and offerings were intended to be used to provide ministry within our community. In the almost four years of Timbers operations, we have been blessed by the faithful service of so many of our Liberty Hill members who tirelessly volunteered and worked with the staff to ensure that we provided a beautiful and effective venue space for all types of events that ultimately reflected positively upon Liberty Hill.

In those almost four years, Timbers has not produced financially to an extent that it met the original goals and as a result, the vast majority of our rent obligations have been paid through reserves and tithes. As a congregation we have also dedicated a significant amount of effort into supporting Timbers.

The Liberty Hill UMC Leadership Team has prayerfully been studying our current business model for Timbers and came to the conclusion that it would not be sustainable to support our financial obligations short or long term. We were approached by a firm that specializes in venue management that was interested in assuming full oversight of Timbers operations in which they would take on all expense obligations, pay Liberty Hill a monthly fee and then be responsible for the profitability of Timbers.

Liberty Hill leadership thoroughly reviewed the opportunity and sought guidance from additional members of our congregation with extensive business experience to evaluate and negotiate the proposal. We also conducted appropriate due diligence on RJRO Management Group and had an attorney review the final contract which was recently executed and will be effective 7/1/24.

As a result of the agreement, Liberty Hill will no longer be engaged in the day to day operations of Timbers which will provide expanded capacity to conduct ministry which is our primary mission. Additionally in a tiered agreement, Liberty Hill will receive on a monthly basis a significant portion of our rent and a majority of our utility expenses. We feel strongly that this partnership puts Liberty Hill in our best position to meet the ministry needs of our community.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to speak with any member of the leadership team or attend our next leadership meeting on July 8th at 6:30 PM which is always open to the entire congregation.

– Liberty Hill Leadership Team