Engaging People In The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ

At Liberty Hill Church, our beliefs are driven by core Christian values that mold our ministries vision. We stand firmly on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the teachings He proclaimed through His word.  We believe every Church member is a missionary and has a purpose. Our goal is to partner with local ministries that are effectively engaged in long-term development and community transformation. Our vision is to grow and minister to our local community while engaging all people in the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

Our Staff Members

Leonard Akers

Leonard has been our senior pastor since June of 2016.  Prior to serving as a full-time pastor, Leonard enjoyed a wonderful career with a large plumbing distribution company where he...

Heidi Martin

Heidi has been a part of the Liberty Hill staff since January 2016. She and her husband, David, have a tremendous love for music and the arts in the church...

Jennell Bryan

Jennell serves the Children of Liberty Hill from Birth through 5th Grade. A native of North Georgia, she has lived in the Canton area since the early 1980’s. She has...

Karina Simonis

Abraham Carrillo

Jenene Klebar